Hello from Dodie


Hi! I'm Dodie Hamrick, IBCLC, MPA, BA 

I am a Dallas native living in Rockwall and am the mom to three beautiful, breastfed children. I really struggled to breastfeed my first baby and that's how I learned firsthand the blessing of an IBCLC. I had a wonderful IBCLC who truly saved our breastfeeding relationship. Those same struggles of becoming a new mother were also how I got involved in La Leche League in Rockwall. (Which by the way, is an awesome organization and place to find other families who are traveling a similar road as you.) I served as a leader with La Leche League for several years before deciding to pursue my IBCLC. I became a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist in 2018 and took my IBCLC board exam in 2020. I love being able help families feel empowered and supported in their feeding choices and best yet, help them reach their goals! 

I look forward to meeting you and your family. Together we can set you up for what will hopefully be an enjoyable and rewarding breastfeeding experience.