Client Testimonials

We were in desperate need of a Lactation Consultant due to my Daughter’s poor latch secondary to her lip tie, and my low milk production.

We were so blessed to find Dodie Hamrick! She is very responsive, professional, intelligent, considerate of the emotional aspects of breastfeeding struggles, gave a ton of valuable resources, and is incredible with follow up. I couldn’t recommend her more. My only regret is for not reaching out sooner.

My milk production is improving daily and I couldn’t be more proud or excited. Thank you Dodie!


Dodie is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about breastfeeding and newborn care. She asked me a lot of specific questions and was able to quickly assess and troubleshoot some nursing issues for me and my two week old daughter. Mostly I appreciated her straightforward and no judgement tone and advice giving! I felt better after just one session with her.


For anyone that is pregnant or nursing, now or in the future, I HIGHLY recommend my friend Dodie Hamrick and her business. She is super sweet and helped me so much after having my girls. 


Breastfeeding Basics class taught by Dodie Hamrick exceeded my expectations, especially given how affordable the class was. As a first time mom all I’ve heard from friends is how daunting the whole experience can be. Dodie broke down many aspects, relevant tips, provided helpful and useful handouts. She clearly has significant knowledge about the science of breast milk production, which was fascinating. 

This is a great course to understand and feel more prepared about the topic, I walked away feeling I had helpful information that I will use to determine when / if to pump, introduce a bottle, very practical advice. I also appreciated it was non judgemental - really laid out the facts about how to successfully breastfeed (and encouraging it due to benefits) but without a mandate (ie you won’t feel shamed if you may be considering pumping or supplementing etc). She spent a lot of extra time answering questions and truly no question was inane. Was very helpful to say “I’ve received x recommendation (from mundane to bizarre)” and receive extremely straightforward answers (usually with a reference to research or experience).

Clearly I highly recommend.


Dodie helped give me the confidence to overcome many road bumps along our breastfeeding journey. She was a fierce advocate for what I needed and supported me through over 3 years of nursing! My biggest advice is to start early and take a class before baby arrives and have Dodie on speed dial for when baby is here. I am so lucky to have her in my life! 


Dodie was very kind and understanding. She was patient and extremely knowledgeable. She was able to initially help with latch and breastfeeding issues I had in the first few weeks. This made my experience a lot more enjoyable and positive. Now, she has been giving us guidance on increasing milk supply, lactation health, etc. I would highly recommend her to all moms.


I had a wonderful experience with Dodie Hamrick. She was professional, encouraging, and helpful with my nursing journey. As a second time mom who nursed my first for 14.5 months she still was able to provide helpful information to tailor my nursing to my new baby. She responded to my inquiry for an appointment quickly and got me on her schedule ASAP. I'm grateful for all of the reassurance she brought me regarding nursing my newborn!


I greatly enjoyed the time Dodie spent with Jaxtyn and me! Her visit wasn’t rushed in the least; she does an excellent job listening and making her clients feel heard. I feel much more confident since her visit, and breastfeeding has gone eons more smoothly after the consultation. Dodie was able to answer all of my breastfeeding questions with ease and gave recommendations for technique and positioning that have made a world of difference. I would highly recommend reaching out if you are breastfeeding and have any questions at all! She is fantastic!


Dodie was a huge help in such an uncertain (and exhausting) time! Her openness and clear understanding of all things breastfeeding put me right at ease. I would definitely recommend Dodie for your Lactation needs!